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Star Wars

Star Wars, Episodes 1-6

Star Wars, Episodes 1-6

11.8.13  Carlisle Site Update: Star Wars Page Active

Hey, Folks,

Still working on getting all parts of my website “active,” so began working on the “Fun Stuff” section this morning.  Great news for Star Wars fans, Disney just issued a release date for Star Wars, Episode 7 December 18, 2015!  Here are some hyperlinks for the most up-to-date information:

Comic Book Resources


Bleeding Cool

Entertainment Weekly:

Wikipedia (speculation on potential approaches):

I’ll be expanding this page (and others in the “fun” section), but in the meantime, see below for another upcoming, animated Star Wars television series, Star Wars: Rebels (Fall 2014)!

Star Wars: Rebels (Fall 2014, Disney XD)

Star Wars: Rebels (Fall 2014, Disney XD)

Star Wars- Rebels (The Inquisitor)

Star Wars: Rebels (Fall 2014) — The Inquisitor (new villain)

Information about Star Wars Rebels:

Promotional Video: Wars Rebels Promo 1

All this is great news for Star Wars fans, and helps offset the disappointment many felt after the cancellation of Star Wars: Clone Wars shortly after Disney bought the franchise.  On that front, too, there’s also a bit of exciting news, the final three (maybe more?) episodes of Clone Wars Season 5 will be airing/available in early 2014!

Something to look forward to after the cancellation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars… Although, there’s some potential good news on that front, too; seems as if there were some unaired episodes for either Season 5, or the now-cancelled Season 6, which may see the light of day in January, 2014:

Giant Freakin Robot

All in all, it’s great to see that there are going to be plenty of new Star Wars adventures in the near- and long-term!



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