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The British Isles and Emain Ablach (Dietrich’s World)

Isle of Arran (Firth of Clyde, Scotland; Wikipedia Commons)

Isle of Arran (Firth of Clyde, Scotland; Wikipedia Commons)

British Isles  homeland of following characters, talismans, locales, & events

Arthur Pendragon pupil of Merlin of Carmarthen, and best friend of Taliesin the Bard; later King and Defender of Britain against the Saxons during the 6th Century; united Celtic, Welsh, and Breton tribes for brief time; defeated Mordred and the Hosts of Veröld Martröđ, the Nightmare Lord at the Battle of Cad Camlann (also called the Battle of the Fields of Burning Night); Arthur disappeared after battle, and thought to be on Isle of Avalon, or in Annen Verden (the Otherworld), until called back to Midgard at time of Britain’s greatest need

Battle of the Fields of Burning Night (c. 540 A.D., also known as Battle of Cad Camlan or, in Welsh, the Battle of Brwydr Camlan) final battle site of King Arthur, where he died at the hands of Mordred; also, last known sighting of any of the Codices of Fate

Braunen aged Hospitaller physician, caught in the siege at the Krak; old acquaintance of Dietrich the Mad Dwarf

Caliburn the sword Excalibur, thought lost at the Battle of the Fields of Burning Night

Dietrich the Mad Arch-Mage of the Elder Days, slayer of Codex Wielders and obsessed with collecting Sampos; defeated and exiled to Otherworld of Annen Verden by Urd and Taliesin Lore Master at Battle of the Fields of Burning Night

Druids of Rhydderch originally a Celtic group of warlocks who came together under leadership of Braunen the Eternal, a druid reputed to have discovered the secret of eternal life and based in Britain since the time of Julius Caesar; under Braunen’s leadership in the 6th Century, the Druids of Rhydderch realized their fullest power, especially after securing the Codex Maleficarum (Book of Witches) at Battle of Emain Ablach; entire order of warlocks destroyed in 540 when Taliesin Lore-Master and Dietrich the Mad Dwarf wrested Codex Maleficarum from Braunen the Eternal

Edward castle page and apprentice in scriptorium

Galahad knight of King Arthur’s court, and son of Lancelot and Elaine of Corbenic; only survivor of the Siege Perilous (chair at Arthur’s court re- served for person who will lead the quest for the Holy Grail), and close friend of Perceval; along with Perceval and Bors, Galahad is known as the Finder of the Holy Grail; disappeared after the Battle of the Fields of Burning Night, but thought to have taken a ship to return the Grail for safe keeping to the Isle of Serras, whom some place close to Britain, but others in the Middle East.

Jeremiah elder scholar who runs the scriptorium of Krak des Chevaliers with Ibn-Khaldun

Merlin of Carmarthen court wizard and close friend of King Arthur and Taliesin the Bard; cast the Codices of Fate into Ginnungagap with Taliesin and Urd at end of the Battle of the Fields of Burning Night, but betrayed (and saved) by Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, the last witch standing from the Coven of Mists; reputed to be trapped in a crystal cave

Monachus Archbishop, based in port city of Caesarea; ally of Templar, Evremar of Choques

Pellion castle page & scriptorium protégé of Ibn-Khaldun; close friend of Ríg & Marcus

Perdieu (Brother Bernard Perdieu) Commander of Knights at the Krak, and Burgundian baron who led companions to the Holy Land to join Hospitaller Order because of deeds of Servius Aurelius Santini’s uncle and the Battle of Mecina – took Rig as a page upon arriving at castle, and the youth has earned his way to the status of squire

Perceval knight of King Arthur’s court, lover of Blanchefleur; failed questioner of the Fisher King, but ultimately both Perceval and Galahad succeeded in securing the Holy Grail; Perceval was briefly King of Corbenic before fleeing with the Holy Grail to protect the artifact from Dietrich the Mad Dwarf and the Druids of Rhydderch; disappeared after the Battle of the Fields of Burning Night

Taliesin knight and bard of King Arthur’s court; most favored and skilled of Merlin’s pupils; best friend of Arthur Pendragon; Lore Master and Codex Wielder of the Third Age; thought lost in Annen Verden after the Battle of the Fields of Burning Night

Wallace squire and apprentice in scriptorium

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