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The Harbor of the Golden Horn (The World of Jacob, Genevieve, and Alexander)

Ivan Aivazovsky's "The Bay of the Golden Horn" (1845, oil; Wikipaintings)

Ivan Aivazovsky’s “The Bay of the Golden Horn” (1845, oil; Wikipaintings)


by & © 2012-2014 A.J. Carlisle

Aqib son of the caravan leader (Gannen); among pilgrims seeking shelter at Krak

Ghannen caravan leader of pilgrims and merchants heading to Jerusalem Jacob ( Jacob ben-David, or David-son) thirteen-year-old Byzantine boy; son of Rebecca

Owena Welsh friend of Jacob in Constantinople; daughter of Aeddan (Ethan) the Blacksmith

Rabbi Mordecai Jacob’s mentor and friend in the Ben-Delos Synagogue Rebecca (Rebecca bat-Gurion) mother of Jacob David-son; wife of David, who was lost at Battle of Mecina; stricken with severe case of pneumonia

Signor Boccanegra Genoese landlord of the David-son textile shop in Constantinople, and of many other homes and businesses in Genoese Quarter of Golden Horn district

Sølvmara the Witch reputed soothsayer and witch in Genoese Quarter of Constantinople; friend to Jacob and Owena


by & © 2012-2013 A.J. Carlisle

Alexander Stratioticus eldest son of the noble Stratioticus family, brother of Genevieve, and expert swordsman whose skills and leadership abilities make him the youngest hoplitarch (military commander) in the history of the Imperial Guard

Alexios Comnenus an heir to the Byzantine throne & childhood friend of Aurelius

Genevieve (Genie) Stratioticus Greek childhood friend of Clarinda Trevisan; a renowned & well-liked socialite in Byzantium; of ancient noble house, & younger sister of Alex

Kenezki a Black Sea pirate based in Constantinople with connections in both the Byzantine Empire and the Levant

Radulf of Thuringia German trader consigned to transport Trevisan goods from Constantinople to North Sea

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