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The Empty Quarter (Fatima & Khalil’s World)

The Empty Quarter (Rub' al Khali Desert, Arabia; Wikipedia Commons)

The Empty Quarter (Rub’ al Khali Desert, Arabia; Wikipedia Commons)


Fatima (Fatima bint-Khajen ibn-Khaldun) daughter of Ibn Khaldun; mathematician & scholar; wife of Khalil; sister to Thaqib and Marcus

Hamzah al-Adil younger brother of Saladin; vizier of Egypt (and Dominions of Saladin) for his brother; primary advisor and closest friend of Saladin

(Khajen) Ibn-Khaldun (Khajen ibn-Khaldun ibn-Khalid al-Hārūn) Islamic ‘alim (religious teacher and scholar), sufi mystic, and Keeper of the Rolls (master librarian in the scriptorium) of Krak des Chevaliers; master of Ríg; father of Thaqib, Fatima, and Marcus

Khalil (Khalil ibn-Safir al-Esclabor) husband of Fatima, and son-in-law of Ibn-Khaldun; best friend & brother-in-law of Thaqib, and shaykh of a camel-trading bedouin tribe based in the Nafud (desert south and east of Jerusalem); adoptive brother-in-law of Marcus

Marcus (Marcus de Roussillon, and Marcus ibn-Khajen ibn-Khaldun) in Languedoc, Fr., son of Jonathan & Desdemona de Roussillon, brother of Denissa; in Syria, adopted son of Khajen ibn-Khaldun & Sara; adoptive brother of Thaqib & Fatima; best friend of Ríg

Saladin (Salāh ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb) ruler of Egypt, successor of Nur al-Din, the 12th century Islamic sultan who began the jihad against the Crusaders in Palestine, the Holy Land, and Syria; currently uniting all Muslims in region to drive Crusaders into the Mediterranean Sea; brother of Turan-Shah (deceased) & Hamzah al-Adil

Sara (Sara bint-Thaqib al-Mosul) deceased wife of Ibn-Khaldun; grief over her death is reason he went on book-collecting trip eastward to Himalayas

Thaqib (Thaqib ibn-Khajen ibn-Khaldun) eldest son of Khajen ibn-Khaldun; elder in the bedouin tribe, and second-in-command to Khalil

Turan-Shah (ibn-Ayyūb) older brother of Saladin; helped Ayyubids establish power in Egypt; slain at Battle of Mecina


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