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The Witches of Fate (Urd & Clarinda’s World)

A Midgard Access to Norn Grottoes (Skocjan Caves, Slovenia; http://www.park-skocjanske)

A Midgard Access to Norn Grottoes (Skocjan Caves, Slovenia0)


by & © 2012-2013 A.J. Carlisle

Angelo Trevisan Clarinda’s father; Venetian sea-merchant who owns trading fleet of five ships

Clarinda Trevisan only daughter of Angelo and Fabricia Trevisan

Fabricia Trevisan Clarinda’s mother; helped Angelo run his maritime operations while managing her own birth-family’s glass factory on the Isle of Murano in Venice

Nicolo Ziani a son of Sebastian Ziani (Doge of Venice); childhood friend of Aurelius

Pasquale second-in-command of Trevisan sailing fleet

Verrocchio Trevisan roguish uncle of Clarinda, elder brother and business partner of Angelo Trevisan; running operations in Venice during Clarinda’s absence


Baba Yaga ancient enemy of Skade the Huntress, and one of three leaders of Hela’s Wilde Jagd

Cerys (also known as Circe) enchantress, daughter of Helios and Lorelei, sister of Njörd; witch who lured Odysseus and others by herb lore and transformations; in 6th century, she co-founded, then abandoned the Coven of Mists to seek Mirror of Carmarthen

Coven of Mists group of European and Middle Eastern witches who allied against the Norns in the 5th and 6th Centuries; most members dis- banded after disaster at Emain Ablach (c. 525 A.D.) against the sea-god, Njörd, and his ally, Rudyick the Dark Elf; other witches in Coven killed (or exiled) by Taliesin, Merlin, & Urd in 540 AD

Druids of Rhydderch originally a Celtic group of warlocks who came together under leadership of Braunen the Eternal, a druid reputed to have discovered the secret of eternal life and based in Britain since the time of Julius Caesar; under Braunen’s leadership in the 6th Century, the Druids of Rhydderch realized their fullest power, especially after securing the Codex Maleficarum (Book of Witches) at Battle of Emain Ablach; entire order of warlocks destroyed in 540 when Taliesin Lore-Master and Dietrich the Mad Dwarf wrested Codex Maleficarum from Braunen the Eternal 

Mimir a Vanir turned Asgardian who was gifted with the Sight and sent to broker peace between the Aesir and Vanir when they were at war in the First Age; beheaded by the Vanir because of perceived betrayal, Mimir was saved by Odin to become guardian of the Well of Knowledge; resides in the deepest part of Yggdrassil, the cosmic ash-tree that encompasses the Nine Worlds; assisted in his task of guarding the Well by Norns 

Mount Glittertind one of the central weirds (wyrds) binding the Nine Worlds together; Nexus of All Realities (Mimir’s Well) located in cavern and grotto system at its base

Nidhogg the Dragon serpent who dwells at base of Yggdrassil, the World Tree, trying to sever roots to begin Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods 

Norns the three goddesses of Destiny: Urd (“Fate”), Verdandi (“Present”), and Skuld (“Future”); believed to control the destinies of all beings in the Nine Worlds; live with Mimir in grottoes beneath Mount Glittertind near the Well of Knowledge

Skuld a Norn; also called Sister of the “Future”

Sølvmara the Witch reputed soothsayer and witch in Genoese Quarter of Constantinople; friend to Jacob and Owena

Taliesin knight and bard of King Arthur’s court; most favored and skilled of Merlin’s pupils; best friend of Arthur Pendragon; Lore Master and Codex Wielder of the Third Age; thought lost in Annen Verden after the Battle of the Fields of Burning Night 

Urd the original and most powerful of the Norns; complete command of the Past, Present, and Future, and one of the Elders of the Universe; lives at a subterranean lake beneath Mount Glittertind that was the only place powerful enough to contain Mimir the Seer, with whom she shares responsibility for the Fate of Humanity; also called the Sister of “Fate,” and charged with overseeing mortal affairs in the universe

Verdandi a Norn; also called the Sister of “Happening” or “Present”

Yggdrassil, the World Tree cosmic ash tree that unites dimensional planes of Multiverse; bounded by the lands of Asgard and Niflheim in the time and space continuum, with Mount Glittertind and the Well of Mimir as the weirds/wyrds that appear in some form in every world; under constant attack by the Niđhogg the Dragon; guarded by beings of immense power and mystery: Mimir the Wise, the Three Norns (Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld), Grimnir One-Eye, the ravens, Hügin and Münin, Ratatosk the Squirrel, Vdofnir the Rooster, and the wolves, Geri and Freki.

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