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Jotunheim Mountain Range


by & © 2012-2014 A. J. Carlisle

JOTUNHEIM: Land of Frost Giants

Jotunheim treacherous mountain ranges around Mount Glittertind

ghasts creatures who can manifest as both zombie and wraith because of the nature of their cursed death; favored soldiers of Hela for her Wilde Jagd because of their fierceness and the fear elicited by their screams; can attain true corporeal form and semblance of life in Svartalfheim regions between Skull-Cradler’s Grove and Jotunheim Mountains

Ilmarinen giant and blacksmith; forger of Sampos, Mjöllnir, and Codices of Fate

Kludden Hell-Hounds in service to the Nightmare Lord; horse-sized, and marked by the sound of clinking chains with glowing blue Muspel-Fire; also, poison-fanged, with ability to phase through solid objects

Kullervo extremely powerful magician from Finland who owns a haunted sword, Arngrim, said to have ultimately betrayed and killed him; recruited by the Nightmare Lord to unite the Druids of Rhydderch before the Battle of the Fields of Burning Night, but Kullervo’s insanity (and the bloodthirstiness of his sword) made him highly unreliable; thought slain by Dietrich and Taliesin when Arngrim revealed to be disguised Codex Vindicta

Lögretta legislative assembly in Nine Worlds; decides upon and enacts laws for All-Thing

Loki the ‘god of fire’ in Norse mythology; demi-god known for his practical jokes and tricks on the gods of Asgard, but also useful and friendly to them at times; currently known to be bound beneath Mount Glittertind in Norway for his role in slaying Balder, the ‘god of light’; son of frost-giant Laufey, husband to both Angrboda and Sigyn; also known as Lopt, the Mischievous One, the Trickster, the Sly One, Changeling, Dark One, and Son of Jotunheim

Mimir a Vanir turned Asgardian who was gifted with the Sight and sent to broker peace between the Aesir and Vanir when they were at war in the First Age; beheaded by the Vanir because of perceived betrayal, Mimir was saved by Odin to become guardian of the Well of Knowledge; resides in the deepest part of Yggdrassil, the cosmic ash-tree that encompasses the Nine Worlds; assisted in his task of guarding the Well by Norns

Mount Glittertind one of the central weirds (wyrds) binding the Nine Worlds together; Nexus of All Realities (Mimir’s Well) located in cavern and grotto system at its base Nidhogg the Dragon serpent who dwells at base of Yggdrassil, the World Tree, trying to sever roots to begin Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods Norns the three goddesses of Destiny: Urd (“Fate”), Verdandi (“Present”), and Skuld (“Future”); believed to control the destinies of all beings in the Nine Worlds; live with Mimir in grottoes beneath Mount Glittertind near the Well of Knowledge

Myrkridor (Myrkur Vistfólk,“Dark Dwellers”) Fire/Frost Giants; Nightmare Lord’s elite guard

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