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Ratatosk’s Views: The Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology

Isle of Arran (Scotland)

British Isles, Annen Verden


by & © 2012-2014 A.J. Carlisle


All-Thing representative body that oversees covenants in the Nine Worlds, where meet delegates from elven, dwarfish, and giantish high councils; also includes Aesir & Vanir

Annen Verden mysterious Otherworld whose access was lost when Surtur was exiled and Veröld Martröđ banished by Taliesin the Druid at Battle of the Fields of Burning

Arngrim the haunted, Singing Sword, whose curse must slay a person whenever drawn

Gåtefull Runer the Enigmatic Runes that Mimir distributes to those who pay his price; Odin learned them all by being crucified for nine days and losing an eye; rumored that there are more than the 27 that Mimir knows Geri grey wolf companion to Grimnir the Wanderer

Old Nick malicious demon who roams the Nine Worlds (see also, Abbadon, Satan, et al)


Ratatoskr (from 17th Icelandic MS AM 738; Árni Magnússon Institute, Iceland)

Ratatoskr (from 17th Icelandic MS AM 738; Árni Magnússon Institute, Iceland)

Ratatosk the Squirrel lore-wise, magical creature who runs through the Nine Worlds via the branches and Yggdrassil, the cosmic World Tree — daily interactions with the eagle, rooster, and dragon that live in Yggdrassil

Runeporten (Rune-Gates) magical portals between the Nine Worlds, navigable only by those skilled enough to see, create, or direct them

Satan the Ancient Enemy; also known as Lucifer; the Great Adversary; Abbadon; Old Nick

Sidhe (pronounced “Shee”) shape-changing fairy folk who dwell in Alfheim and Svartalfheim; may be good or evil, and ally themselves with whom- ever strikes their fancy; Veröld Matröd ensorcelled many Sidhe and cast them into Annen Verden to serve as his army before the Battle of the Fields of Burning Night; some Sidhe, such as Youdic the Damned, control “tunnels” (or runeporten) between dimensional walls of the Nine Worlds by way of Ban-Sidhe (“Banshee”) Tunnels, marked by the screams of their users

Veröld Martröđ Nightmare Lord, exiled to Annen Verden at Battle of Fields of Burning Night

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