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11.8.13 Star Wars Updates (Episode VII, Rebels, new Clone Wars episodes)

Star Wars, Episodes 1-6

Star Wars, Episodes 1-6

11.8.13  Carlisle Site Update: Star Wars Page Active

Hey, Folks,

Still working on getting all parts of my website “active,” so began working on the “Fun Stuff” section this morning (  All in all, great news for Star Wars fans in the next couple of years. First, Disney just issued a release date for Star Wars, Episode 7 — December 18, 2015!  Here are some hyperlinks for the most up-to-date information:

Comic Book Resources


Bleeding Cool

Entertainment Weekly:

Wikipedia (speculation on potential approaches):

I’ll be expanding this page (and others in the “fun” section), but in the meantime, see below for the second tidbit of information, regarding the animated Star Wars television series, Star Wars: Rebels (Fall 2014)!

Star Wars: Rebels (Fall 2014, Disney XD)
Star Wars: Rebels (Fall 2014, Disney XD)
Star Wars- Rebels (The Inquisitor)
Star Wars: Rebels (Fall 2014) — The Inquisitor (new villain)

Information about Star Wars Rebels:

Promotional Video: Wars Rebels Promo 1

All this is great news for Star Wars fans, and helps offset the disappointment many felt after the cancellation of Star Wars: Clone Wars shortly after Disney bought the franchise.  On that front, too, there’s the third bit of exciting news, the final three (maybe more?) episodes of Clone Wars Season 5 will be airing/available in early 2014!

Something to look forward to after the cancellation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars… Although, there’s some potential good news on that front, too; seems as if there were some unaired episodes for either Season 5, or the now-cancelled Season 6, which may see the light of day in January, 2014:

Giant Freakin Robot

All in all, it’s great to see that there are going to be plenty of new Star Wars adventures in the near- and long-term!



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