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11.8.13 Preparing for 11/18/13 Release of The Codex Lacrimae, Part 2; “What Has Gone Before” (Part 3)

Morning in Alfheim

Morning in Alfheim

Good Morning, Everyone!

Here’s the 3rd (of 5) synopsis of events that occurred in The Codex Lacrimae, Part 1: The Mariner’s Daughter & Doomed Knight. (As ever, SPOILER ALERT: don’t read if you’re a new reader…get a copy from the below vendors, brew your favorite mid-fall beverage, and curl up with a medieval epic fantasy!)

Book Excerpt, From Preface of The Codex Lacrimae, Part 2: The Book of Tears: Pt 2_Samples_WHGB_3

For my part, I’m very excited about upcoming release of Part 2, but still going to make some time to take the family to see Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!


Platforms & Vendors where you can buy The Codex Lacrimae, Part 1: The Mariner’s Daughter & Doomed Knight 1


iTunes/iBooks (simply open iTunes or iBooks app and search “The Codex Lacrimae”)



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