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9.21.12 Doctor Who, Season 7: Episode 3, “A Town Called Mercy”

Doctor Who 7.3 (“A Town Called Mercy,” BBC)

Good Morning, Everyone!

The kids and I finally caught up on all of Season 7’s first three episodes, so here below are reviews for last week’s “A Town Called Mercy.”

Coincidentally, in anticipation of 50th anniversary of the series, I’ve been re-watching Doctor Who dvds from the beginning, and next week I’ll be reaching the first encounter the Doctor had with the American “Wild West,” 1st Doctor William Hartnell’s episode “The Gunfighters” (Story #25, from the 3rd Season of Doctor Who back in 1966)! In that episode, the Doctor and his companions land in Tombstone, Arizona in time for the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral between the Clantons and the Earps, with Doc Holiday helping the Doctor with a toothache… .

Anyway, 46 years later, here is a collection of reviews for the 11th Doctor’s latest adventure in the Old West.


— A. J.

Spoiler-Free Reviews:

Sci-Fi Bulletin (by Paul Simpson; Spoiler-Free, with good emphasis on script-writing, music, & character development for the Doctor, Amy, and Rory):

Den of Geek Review (by Simon Brew; Spoiler-Free, assessments of Toby Whithouse’s screenplay, and of performances by Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, & Arthur Darvill):

Spoiler-Filled Reviews:

The Guardian Review (by Dan Martin; comprehensive assessment, with appreciated sections that address aspects of episode w/attention to Doctor Who lore:  see “Pond Watch,” “Fear Factor,” “Mysteries and Questions,” and “Time Space Debris):

Books.Jen99 Review (by Ian Berrimen; comprehensive assessment, with full reveal on storyline – recommend reading after watching episode – but has good comparisons to how the Fourth (Tom Baker) and Fifth (Peter Davison) Doctors dealt with moral codes and violence:

Doctor Who Review (by Emily V. Gordon; spoiler-filled, plot-point-by-plot-point & assessment/critique; thoughtful review that placed certain moments w/in context of Dr. Who canon; main emphasis in article was on theme of war, pacifism, war crimes, and compare/contrast between Matt Smith’s Doctor & previous incarnations):

Den of Geek Review (by Simon Brew; Spoiler-Filled, assessments of Toby Whithouse’s screenplay, and of performances by Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, & Arthur Darvill, & guest star Adrian Scarborough; in-depth assessment here of episode comparing it with previous 2 episodes of Series 7):

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