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6.14.12 The Codex Lacrimae PAPERBACK Release Today!

Hello, Everybody —

Very, very pleased to announce that the paperback version of The Codex Lacrimae was released today on!

I’ll update when the print book is available on all other digital platforms, but in the meantime here’s the link (shipping included in price).

Thank you, and enjoy!  — A. J.

6.8.12 The Codex Lacrimae on iBooks!


Great news for those of you with iPads & iPhones: The Codex Lacrimae is now available on iBooks!

Thanks, and enjoy! — A. J.

How to Read Codex Lacrimae w/out a Barnes & Noble NOOK!


Hey, All – For those of you who want to purchase & read the novel from Barnes & Noble, but find yourselves without a NOOK e-reader, here’s a way to read the book on your PC or MAC:

1)    follow link for free download of the NOOK Study app

2)    install the app on your PC or MAC

3)    buy The Codex Lacrimae in NOOK Books section of

4)    the book will open in your NOOK Study app

5)    enjoy the story!

I’ve been told the print version’s supposed to be available within a couple of weeks, so will update on exact date/platforms the moment I get exact information!


— A. J.

6.8.12 The Codex Lacrimae on Barnes & Noble nook!

Hey, Everybody,

Very pleased to announce that Barnes and Noble just launched The Codex Lacrimae in its NOOK store!  Check it out at link below, and I’ll keep updating as the book becomes available on other platforms.

Enjoy, and thanks!

— A. J.

How to Download Codex Lacrimae without a Kindle! (6.2.12)

Hey, There! For those of you want to read the novel but are without a portable e-reader, I’ve linked to Amazon’s “Kindle App” page. 

Check it out, download the free app for your needs, and even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read the book electronically on your PC or Mac!

— A. J.

The Codex Lacrimae on! (6.2.12)

Very excited to see the novel appear on Amazon’s website early Friday evening.  Please see link below, but if searching site, just write “The Codex Lacrimae” in search box.

Assume that iBooks and nook will be next, but retailers haven’t given exact daily timetable — please keep checking this site for updates.  All e-retailers should have book within the next two weeks, including a print-on-demand version.

Thank you for the support, and enjoy!

—A. J.

Book Release Update (6.1.12)

Hey, Everybody,

Just got an update! It turns out the book is “rolling out” in the various digital platforms over the next 1-3 weeks, with Amazon expected to be the first site to have it (today?)

I’ll keep posting updates as each e-reader site launches the novel!

— A. J.

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